Woodworking is also a very tough job and its edgy too so people who work in this field need 100% from their equipment to deliver their talent. Their tools need to be in their control and should be handy. So while looking at this need inventors created a tool known as “Router Table“.

Now the question arises what is Router Table? It’s like a table which has a hole in it and a machine called Router is fixed under that stationary then a vertically oriented spindle of a woodworking router protrudes from that hole which can be spun at speeds between 3000 and 24,000 RPM.

Then it has different kinds of bits that are fixed on the spindle these are used as cutter heads. When the wood piece is fed into the machine then cutters (Router Bits) give it a shape according to the Router bits and the Wood Worker.

To look at the Best professional router table you need to understand the uses and benefits of this equipment. The normal router is used in many works and can be used alone without this stationary.

Then why this stationary is used? The reason for using this equipment is the edgy work of woodworkers. The professional DIY woodworkers especially need this stationary for perfection in their work and flawless finish in the product.

10 Router Table which are best and perfect for your work !

These stationaries are used to increase the versatility of an alone router, as the method of use is particularly suited to specific application, as very large wood pieces would be too large for a router table and must be worked with an alone router machine, similarly very small wood pieces would not be worked on by an alone router and must be worked on by a Best router table with the aid of push tool accessories.

These are the reasons why you need to buy a router table.

Now it’s time for Router Table Review:


” Bosch ra1181 is the Best router table is for those who have to work on more than one router machines and don’t want to buy different Router Tables for different routers. This is almost compatible with every router out there in the market.”

The Bosch RA1181 is a bench mounted router table with a great Aluminum mounting plate and an Aluminum fence. It is a 27-inch wide, 14.5-inch high and 18-inch deep router table. It includes 15-amp dual outlet switch, two adjustable feather-boards attached to fence & table, 15 amp dual outlet switch, a 6 feet power cord, and a dust collection port.

For professional tasks, it’s the Best professional router table because of its 27-inch * 18-Inch Aluminum work which is large enough for the professionals to do their tasks. Working on Curved wood pieces is an easy task on this Router because of its starter pin and guard. Unauthorized use is impossible because of its Lockout key feature.

If you want to buy a Cheap router table and best router table at the same time, then it’s the best choice. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router table price is impressive. It’s best in all Router table reviews.


  • It’s powerful because it’s made from aluminum
  • Very Compatible for both professionals and beginners.
  • Router’s height is adjustable.


  • It is not effective for heavy use.
  • Sometimes plugging in the router is hard.
  • Its work surface is small

“You are a beginner and want to make a start and want a Low price combo then this is the best router table for you.” Craftsman Combo has a router and a router table both in it. This is the router table for the money.

The Craftsman Combo has a table, fence, dust guard, feather boards, 1/4-inch collet, three insert rings, hardware, router, miter gauge, and a wrench. It does not have some accessories and functionalities, because of the cheap price of this combo. This machine is good for those who are in the learning phase and need a combination package at a low budget.

It has micro-fine locked down cutting depths that can be adjusted and for the proper bit clearance the fence can be adjusted, with the extending infeed and outfeed up to two inches. Most of the Craftsman routers have the option of cutting height adjustment. It has an 11/16-inch-thick smooth laminated surface tabletop with a sturdy cast aluminum base of 334 square inches’ total space on top. It has a safety lock and a double outlet power strip and a jointing fence that offsets up to 9/16 inch.

The wood router of 9.5 amp has the 1-3/4 horsepower motor with 27,000 RPMs and due to permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearing it has a long motor life with Quality results. Its meter gauge is adjustable. It comes with three insert rings which have opening diameters of 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 1-3/4″ and an adjustable miter gauge that adjusts up to 60 degrees in both directions.


  • A dust extraction port is installed in it.
  • Its micro-adjustments are possible because of its dial.
  • It also has a wood router with it.


  • Professionals won’t be satisfied.
  • The plastic used in the fence is of low quality.

“This router table is a piece of art itself that will fulfill the needs of professional and DIY enthusiasts at the same time. It will meet your expectations of those who have a common problem with choosing your suitable router table. You just go for Bench Dog 40-001 you will not need to look any further because of its versatile and compact design it’s one of the best router tables.”

To assemble this router, you won’t need anything from outside everything needed to assemble this is included. It includes a Bench Dog ProTop Contractor portable router table, enclosed birch plywood cabinet, an aluminum miter accessory track, a 22-inch Fence with 2-1/2-inch dust port, and a pre-drilled router insert plate.

When you listen to the word compact don’t worry about the workspace it comes with a very large space with the quality of portability and mobility. It has a compact and portable stationary with outstanding features that makes it the best for woodworking enthusiasts. It comes with a dual-position fence that gives a lot of work surface. And due to its vast 15inch inner cabinet height, it can operate almost any router in the market.

It comes with a pre-drilled router insert plate, an enclosed compartment, a 22inch fence with a dust port and an aluminum accessory track which is adjustable. It can almost fit all standard miter gauges. The integrated dust port is one of the best things in this product that makes it the best router table. The T-slots on both fence and table are good for flipping and moving the fence easily.


  • It’s Compact stationery.
  • Affordable cheap router table.
  • Durable due to its design and quality material.
  • Precise but with a wide workspace.


  • The company has bad customer support.
  • Sometimes comes with defect parts.
  • The top plate is not metal it’s a laminated instead.

“This is the best device for you if you are a professional woodworker or want to make it a profession and want a decent machine in your workshop, this is one of the best router tables a professional can get at this price with such qualities.”

BOSCH RA1171 is not just a machine it’s a symbol of professionalism and decency in your work. The reason is its unique style and a handy structure which makes it handy to have all the tools right in front of you to use in your project without any problem and this is what every professional woodworker needs to create its masterpiece. It has a cabinet totally out of the way that contains the tools and it doesn’t get in the way. It has an aluminum board that’s best for professional woodworkers.

When you order this product you get an adapter plate, guide track, a switch and a feather board that helps in effective woodworking. Do you feel trouble in leveling the feather board again and again don’t worry this problem is over if you buy this stationary because this feather board provides a strong grip that will never make you level it again and again in your woodworking sessions?

This product has next-level safety features if you have the problem of switching your machine on or off accidentally then don’t worry at all now this stationery is the best option for you. As this machine has its switch underneath the router itself you will see it while assembling the router. There will be no chance of hitting the switch on or off by accident because the switch is very next to the inner part of the router. This increases the safety of its users which is a must appreciate the able point of view. No other router provides such safety of its users.

The most disturbing thing with the router table is the feather board precision and grip. These models are designed in such a way that this problem is eradicated. When you use any other router table you will see that after every heavy project of yours the grip is getting weaker but with this model, you will never feel it. So once you adjust, modify and maintain the alignment of your desire and once you set the height you want you don’t need to check the leveling and won’t need the leveling tool again and again this feature helps in cutting the wood parts of similar shape.

Last but not least feature of this product will attract every woodworker in the woodworking industry that the different types of holes that don’t just allow you to use the different types of the router but also allow you to use cutting extensions. By this feature, your project gets to the level of perfection.


  • It’s a portable device with impressive dust collection system.
  • Compact product with easy to use feather boards.


  • It has some difficulties with mounting the router.
  • It’s hard to dismantle.
  • The customer support is poor and considerably it’s overpriced.

“If you are a type of woodworker who needs efficient and reliable tools in his workshop then you need to see this product this will satisfy your skills and customers both.”

Skil Ras900 is one of the best router table out there in the market. It has a lot of features that are going to be revealed down but the most important is its sawdust disposal system you don’t need to worry about this problem anymore the second most important feature of this product is the flawless and the finest feather board. If you still need to see the router tables for you then this is going to be the last choice for you as a router table.

The features of this product include 0 friction extra laminated extremely smooth 21 x16.5 inch laminated top this provides the best shot of yours in no time this feature makes your work perfect in less time the quality is not compromised but time is saved this allows you to have more production in less time. Because of the size of its feather board, there is a large room to work and this makes easy for you to work on large wood pieces.

Feather boards are the most important part of any router table and because these allow you to proceed with the most skill full and delicate cuts. This product has a specialty in feather boards you won’t find any better product with such feather boards.

Sawdust is the most disturbing part of the work because it causes malfunctioning in the router. Every woodworker will be having an idea that it’s very difficult to clean the sawdust between the works. This product has the best sawdust disposal system ever created in this product sawdust directly goes into the dustbin by itself you don’t need to clear it after every while.

Another best feature of this router table is that its fold-able and whenever its work is completed it can be easily folded and kept in a place where it takes minimum space. This helps you in keeping your space free when the stationary is not in use.

Now that secret feature is going to be disclosed which is the reason for this machine to be most efficient. This machine has a great toolbox that is handy and near your router table, this is like a heaven for a woodworker. When a woodworker is working on a project and he needs a tool that’s lying down somewhere far from him he is going to lose his concentration and momentum which is very bad for any product.


  • It’s a Compact, affordable, precise, durable with the wide work surface.


  • Bad customer support.
  • Some time comes with defect parts.
  • The top plate is laminate instead of aluminum (or any metal).

“If you want to increase the size of your business with a tool which is all in one a heavy stationary with less cost and great precision then you are at the right place, this is the perfect router table you can have.”

Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System earns everyone’s recommendation because of its value and versatility. Surprisingly, any type of power tool can be used with an incredible amount of precision on this stationary. This a perfect solution for both the DIY users and professionals because it’s a tool that saves you both time and space. It’s a multi-purpose routing table that is best at its work.

This machine is designed for those woodworkers who work for hours making their masterpiece the best in that period of work it’s very painful to move again and again and the vibrations that are breaking concentration this all make your work difficult.

The best thing you will see in it is that it will not take much space but still feels tough and durable. It’s easily customized and because of its easy and straightforward user manual explanations. Its low weight and high-quality parts make sure that it takes less space but the quality stands the same for a lifetime.

The space around the working surface is so much open that you can easily move around the product that allows its users a lot of free moments during work. People working in small size workshops will just love this product.

This product comes with a 1 thick MDF core which is 24” *32” inches. It has a work surface area with very low resistance. The insert plate of the table is ⅜” inches thick and 91/4” x 113/4” and it also has four precision insert plate levelers and three level-lock reducing rings.

You can set its height from 29” and up to 35” with the help of Micro adjustment measuring scale and heavy-gauge steel stand and four leg levelers. It comes with a stable and secure platform that offers total precision no matter what work you are doing.

Its user manual is really helpful because it’s very easy and understandable that it helps in setting up the whole product easily and fast it also has an online manual.


  • It comes with a Large usable working area.
  • Exceptional versatility.
  • Its high quality and durable.
  • Lots of customization is offered.
  • It has a lot of included accessories.
  • Precision is the best thing which it offers.


  • It’s hard to set it up and it takes time in adjusting too.
  • Bit more expensive than the competition.
  • More time in adjusting.

“IF you are ready to invest your money like a professional and you want the best thing in that investment then you should go with this stationary.”

Jessem Mast-R-Lift Excel comes with a 32’ * 24’ inch super flat phenolic tabletop with aluminum miter track and T-track and router lift. This product is best for cylinder router motors its made up of heavy-duty and best quality steel.

It can be used with the following routers.

  • Rigid R29302
  • Porter-Cable 690/890
  • JessEm’s Pow-R-Tek Router Motor
  • Bosch 1617/1618
  • DeWalt 610/618/616
  • Makita 1101
  • Hitachi M12VC & KM12VC
  • Craftsman 17543/17540/28190
  • Porter-Cable 7518


  • It has an ergonomic slide crank.
  • This machine does not have a separate insert plate.
  • This machine is having a good amount of space.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It’s not having a good chip collection.
  • It’s having very unhelpful instructions.

“If you are a newcomer in this industry and want an easy to handle and operate the machine with all the necessities then this is the great router table for you.” Kreg PRS10404 is the user-friendly machine it’s easy to assemble.

Its improved router plate allows you to put any kind of router on it using the router base plate. This is a device that uses L shaped aluminum extrusion and it also has two fully independent fence faces.

Its top made up of MDF Micro Dot high pressure laminated which has an aluminum miter channel that helps in a lot of verities of routers. It also has a multi-purpose steel stand which is coated by powder for better performance.

The things that included in this router table are, Router Table Top, Router Table Fence and Multi-Purpose Steel Stand. It has a 24″ x 32″ router tabletop.


  • It includes a router plate 24″ x 32″ with three molded level lock reducing rings.
  • Micro-adjust wheel for precise setups.
  • Up to 31″ to 39” height is adjustable because of a multi-purpose steel stand.


  • This product is a bit expensive then what it is.
  • This is not for all the classes of woodworkers.

“If you are a person who has to just buy a router table to understand the device and to start small the DIY sessions, then this is the professional router table for you.”

MLCS 2394 is the better version is of its last model because it has a universal router plate that can almost fit any router available in the market. But the base plate of this model is of very low quality and it’s really hard to level because it’s not having any brackets. It gets out of level even from a small amount of weight.

In this price, it’s a deal-breaking router table because it’s one feature that it’s not a device that has it’s own stands its fixed with the workbench and this can be good for some people but it can be deal-breaking for others.


  • It’s a Universal router plate which makes it important for DIY workers.


  • It’s an expensive router table with Low-quality base plate.
  • Router table extension is also another problem of this device.

“If you want something universal which helps you in your small shop and job site both then this is the one of the suitable router table you can have.”

Kreg PRS2100: bench mounted router table and benchtop router table fully updated and compatible.

It’s a portable router table that offers you a full-size industrial router table without any problem of placing it.

This product has rugged tabletop (16″ x 24″) made from MDF that makes is noise and vibration proof. It’s also having a feature of MICRO-DOT skin that helps to slide the workpieces across the surface easily.

Due to its precise insert plate, you can work easily on big wood routers. Strong locking and adjustment is the quality of this product which possible because of quarter-turn locking levers on the fence which made up of heavy-duty aluminum.

It’s also having rubber feet and MDF tabletop. It keeps the space clean with its vacuum shroud.


  • It is portable and compact.
    It’s very easy to adjust the fence.
  • The joiner feature on the fence is great and it’s sturdy too.
  • High-quality thick steel used in its making.


  • The fence tends to move if you will apply too much pressure on it.
  • Not held by strong clamps.
    The center plate is not flat.